A New Game Store In Town


Scotty Bakema, Student Interest and Entertainment


Gear Gaming is a rather new game store that has opened in Bentonville just right off Walton. It is very similar to chaos games but each store has differences that make them unique from the other one, While gear gaming does not have a free paint night they do have miniature army sets available for rental for wargames.

Friday night magic

Every Friday night they hold a tournament for the popular card game “Magic: The Gathering”. Anyone is welcome to attend regardless of their skill level or general knowledge of the game. Everyone there is very friendly and eager to teach new people how to play their favorite games.


Wednesday night DnD

If card games aren’t your strong suit they have multiple games of Dungeons and Dragons running every Wednesday night. Most groups will let anyone join as long as their games do not have too many players in them already, You don’t even have to know how to play as most people love teaching others how to play and watching them start out not knowing what to do. Just get yourself some cheap dice and a general idea of what you want your character to be and they’ll teach you the rest.


Cons when compared to Chaos

When compared to chaos games this store does not have many reasons to chose it over chaos games, Chaos games has the same events that gear gaming does. Gear gaming does not have a selection of rental games for people to play but it does have the rental army miniatures that chaos does not. The food and drink selection at gear is also a lot slimmer than chaos. Overall chaos games has all of the same that gear does but with a large selection of rental board games for friends. Overall, Gear gaming is a chance to meet different people and buy slightly different items that chaos has and it really all comes down to preference in picking a store to go to.