If humans made contact with Transformers


Dylan Norman, Student Interest and Entertainment


        Now this obviously a weird hypothetical, but what would happen if the Autobots and Decepticons appeared one day and began their war anew on our planet, in today’s world? How would our nations react to giant alien robots the size of two-story buildings, warring on our world?

Immediate Reaction

       The superpowers of our world may at first attempt to hide their existence from us, but at the end of the day, while the Autobots may try to keep themselves hidden respect to our government’s wishes, the Decepticons have nothing to gain from keeping themselves concealed, at least not for that long. So the governments of the world will only be able to keep them hidden for a year or so, but soon the whole world will be aware of their existence.  

The Beginning 

        Once the public is aware, that’s when things get interesting. Now almost all nations are going to be vocally supportive of the Autobots, view that the sooner the Decepticons are gone the sooner they won’t be under constant alien attack. Smaller nations such as Cuba or Nicaragua will likely seek to sponsor the Autobots in hopes that it will deter other nations from interfering in their affairs.  The Decepticons will have few vocal supporters but there are a few nations that might be willing to sponsor them. Saudi Arabia is a potential nation, with their illegal war with Yemen having no end in sight and the Decepticons need for resources to convert into Energon, this could result in Saudi Arabia allowing them outposts in their country and a portion of their oil in return for the Decepticons aiding them in their war with Yemen and other military affairs.

The effect on the world

        The world, in general, is going to get a whole lot wackier, alien robots trying to melt the polar ice caps to flood the world (faster than even we are), ancient subterranean cities rising from the ocean floor, giant titanic transformers crashing through cities. This will lead to a new major arms race the likes of which have never been seen, not to battle other nations but to battle the ever-impending threat of alien invasion. Peacetime conscription would become the norm and the military-industrial complex would grow in power.