Twitch’s Quickest Growing Stream, Surprise! It’s aliens


Scotty Bakema, Student Interest and Entertainment

Yes, It’s real

        Thousands of people are currently gathered outside of The US military base “Area 51” ready to “See them aliens”. Many people quickly realized that this was an amazing way to quickly grow themselves on various entertainment platforms such as Twitch, Youtube, etc. The people currently streaming themselves at area 51 have thousands of viewers each generating them ad revenue at the expense of potentially getting themselves shot outside of a military base in hundred-degree weather.

Of course, corporations are involved

        It didn’t take long for companies to realize they could profit off of this “Raid”, many companies are selling products based off the raid profiting off of people who want to risk being shot and dehydrating for the “meme” so they can and I quote “Clap alien cheeks”. Bud Light is selling a limited edition alien drink that can be purchased off of their store along with many different shirts and a $100 bomber jacket that sold out instantly. Arby’s also took their food truck across a nationwide road trip from Florida to the base just to generate hype for the raid so they can sell more food.

Celebrities are of course using this for free publicity

        Many celebrities were using this to make themselves more popular and to help them gain more followers and money. Elon musk and Keanu Reeves stated that they were going to make an appearance, whether they actually do we will soon find out. A Lot of smaller influencers have already been seen there posting about it on social media and streaming it on twitch and youtube. There are thousands of people watching these streams each of them curious as to when someone will decide to rush past the gate and learn what will happen to them as a consequence.