Wolverine Weekly Weather


Amelia Delon, West and Local News

          This past week September 23 – September 27 in Centerton, Arkansas, we have had a lot of showering and on and off sprinkling. Thunderstorms have made their appearances too, and this Saturday we are also expecting rain and a high of 82. 

9/23: Sunny, 84 degrees

9/24: Cloudy, 75 degrees

9/25: Sunny, 85 degrees

9/26: Storming, 79 degrees

9/27: Sunny, 85 degrees

         This next week though, be ready for that bipolar Arkansas weather as we reach a high of 86 on Tuesday, and in the high 80’s the rest of the week. Today, the high is 78, and the low is 69 and there’s a 20% chance of rain. It is decently sunny outside, though not hot and there are clouds in the sky.