BWHS Friday Night Highlights


Stuart Pawlik, West and Local News

        Its Friday afternoon, the crowd of fans for Bentonville West is filling in the empty seats in the stands and the fans for Fayetteville Purple. Everybody is going to the concession stands to buy popcorn, candy, and hotdogs with a possible coke zero sugar.

       As the fans get comfy and talk their gossip, the scoreboards timer starts and 3 to 4 of the football players walk into the middle of the field. As they are walking to the middle of the field, the announcer says there names loud and clear, they shake hands and the ref does the coin toss. The crowd waits in suspense and then the announcer says, “Fayetteville won the toss, the ball goes to Fayetteville for the kickoff!”

       The football players jog back to there side of the field and the coaches give them the play and they rushed back to the field and get into formation for the kickoff. The kicker for Fayetteville yells, “READY!”, after three seconds, he kicks the ball and the runners start tackling each other. As the ball is flying through the air, the football player in the back of the field attempts to catch it, but it hits the ground behind the touchdown goal.

       The announcer says, “Touchback”, and the players go to West’s one-yard line with the ball. As West gets into their offensive position, the cheerleaders and dance team do their chant to get the crowd motivated to cheer on the West football team and they yell, “LET’S GO WEST!!!”

        Once the quarterback for West tells offense the play, the center tosses the ball to the quarterback and offence starts to tackle Fayetteville’s defense. The quarterback backs up and looks for an opening and yeets the ball to one of West players and the player begins to run at full speed, but one of Fayetteville’s players manages to tackle him and the ball goes to the 40-yard line.

        After 3 quarters past, it’s the 4th quarter and West is at 28 and Fayetteville Purple is at 10. As the 4th quarter is almost about to end, West’s offensive line pulls through and makes one last touchdown and buries Fayetteville into the ground even more.

         As the 4th quarter ends, Fayetteville and West get into a single file line and they high five each player and the coaches shake hands. The crowd gets up from there seats, throws away their trash, and walk to their cars.