The World’s Most Played Game


Scotty Bakema, Student Interest and Entertainment

What is the game?

League of Legends is currently the most played game in the world with over one hundred million unique logins each month, That comes out to over a billion a year all playing one game, not to mention that the game is completely free to play and has one of the biggest competitive scenes out of any game currently being played.

How the game works

The base game takes ten players in total to play each starting on an opposing end of a map with three lanes for them to fight each other in, there is also narrow pathing spread in between these lanes called the jungle. The jungle is full of monsters that offer money and various buffs for the players that slay them. The top and middle lane has one player and the bottom one has two with the remaining player running through the jungle.

Streaming and Esports

League has been one of the most popular streamed games on Twitch for the past couple of years now. With peak views hitting in the millions. League also has a very competitive esports scene with people earning thousands of dollars off of winning tournaments and championships. Their biggest event is known as worlds and it starts October 2nd, 2019 this year, with the champion prize being one million dollars USD.



Yes, you read that right. Many colleges offer scholarships for League from a couple thousand towards your tuition to a complete full ride through college all depending on well you are able to play the game. So, If you feel like you want to join a game community that has high potential to make you money and get you a scholarship with enough practice then the league is the game for you