Pitbulls, The World’s Most Misunderstood Dog


Ashanti Salazar, Student Interest and Entertainment

       Who doesn’t love animals? They are adorable and give unconditional love. Why is it that one of the most lovable and caring dogs has such a terrible reputation. Pitbulls are beyond amazing. The discrimination towards them is unfair and unnecessary. Every dog has the potential of being aggressive in the hands of abusive people. Why blame the dogs and more importantly why blame the breed? While it may be true that they have a strong build and are muscular and big, that in no way means they are born aggressive. Similar dogs such as german shepherds have just as high of a chance of being dangerous if raised to be that way.

        Given the proper care and love, pitbulls grow up to be soft sweethearts who adore children and in no way become a threat. These giant lap dogs only crave attention. Pitbulls, like any other dog, just want a happy safe home. Although they can be extremely mischievous, taking proper care can help raise a happy sweet pit. Training them as a puppy to learn how to sit and stay (the basics), is the first step. 

        Getting them the proper food and toys are all important. Most important to this breed, however, is to stop biting from a young age. It isn’t aggressive or forceful but it’ll help prevent any unintentional bites in the future. If you’ve ever owned a puppy, you know they love to bite and chew on everything. Pitbulls are no different, but the myths about them do make it better to be safe than sorry. 

        Making sure your dog knows you are the master is also highly important to these breeds. Once they get bigger and stronger they must know you are the master and in control or it will make it harder to get them to obey. 

        Pitbulls are often thought to attack people or other dogs. Like any other dog, to prevent this it must be socialized with others at a young age. Taking a puppy to a dog park and meeting people is a great way to socialize a pitbull which is very important to do. 

        Despite common belief, pitbulls do not have a locking jaw. Their jaw works just like any other dog. Unfortunately, these sweet dogs are often the first to end up in shelters. Out of about 3.6 million pitbulls about 1.2 million end up in shelters. At the end of the day, if you are not willing to take care of a dog properly then do not get one. Like anything else, bad people get a hold of these dogs in hopes of creating a violent beast. Once in the shelter, they face many problems because of their horrible traumatic past. However, if by chance there is a kind person willing to give them a chance, everyone will be pleasantly surprised to know they just want a loving home and make wonderful companions.