Hog Weekly #6


Ashton Butler, Sports

        The hogs actually played better than expected against Texas A&M. They lost the game 27-31 but played better than expected as they were 21 point underdogs in this game. The hogs were close to scoring but got stopped on a 4th and 5 where Ben Hicks had pressure and just threw it. The last time the Razorbacks beat the aggies was in 2011. Ever since then they have lost to them but every game seems to be close. Nick Starkel got hurt after throwing an interception and had to go out of the game. When Ben Hicks came in the game it seemed like he was confident and calm under pressure as he threw for 188 yards and a TD. He almost lead them to a win but came up short. This weekend the hogs have a bye week as they get ready for Kentucky, if the Razorbacks played the same way they did last weekend then they have a chance to win this game. Kentucky doesn’t have their starting QB either because he got injured and is missing the whole season. Kentucky also has a bye week heading into this game. Both teams are 2-3 so this will be a big win for whoever does win this game. This game could also bring a lot of momentum because the schedule doesn’t get much easier for the hogs.