The Replacement


Reid Dunivan, Sports

        Kemba Walker was traded from Charlotte’s Hornets following a chaotic off-season in the NBA, this same period of time saw trades like Lonzo Ball to New Orleans and KD and Irving to Brooklyn, not to mention Anthony Davis to Los Angeles. All insanity aside, the team that most people don’t have their eyes on is the Boston Celtics, the young core of the Celtics has serious depth that is often underrated. Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum and the 27th tallest person in the world Tacko Fall make up the Celtic team. Kemba Walker stated that he is in no way trying to replace Kyrie Irving as a leader. Walker has a fiery personality that can get his team pumped up and spirited unlike the leadership of last year from Irving and Al Horford. The spirit was not there for the boys of Boston last year as Irving and Horford were lacking in spirit for their team. We will wait with bated breath for this team’s performance this year.