Photo Journalist Shot Outside Haitian Senate


Sidney Ruggiero, National and World News

         An Associated Press photographer, Chery Dieu-Nalio, has been shot outside of Haiti’s senate by Senator Jean Marie Ralph. It was confirmed that  Ralph open fired on a group of people with a pistol which resulted in Dieu-Nalio getting shot in the jaw., After this open fire, Dieu-Nalio was immediately taken to a nearby hospital to get treated for his injuries.   He plans to return to the hospital to get a remaining bullet fragment removed from his jaw. Although the situation was dire, luckily it did not result in Dieu-Nalio’s death. The shooter that was behind this attack claims to have been shot by groups before and says that he only acted in “self-defense”.  Ralph also claims that he supposedly didn’t know that there was a journalist in the crowd. So, as Jean is trying to prove his innocence, the authorities still need to conduct an investigation to find out what really happened as Ralph has not proven to be guilty yet. Even though Jean is claiming innocence, there were several witnesses who saw who he was aiming at and don’t believe that his reason for pulling the trigger was self-defense.  The odds are in authorities’ hands and what is to come of this devastating incident will be seen as soon as Ralph is proven guilty or not. Dieu-Nalio is wished with a good recovery.