Vontaze Burfict Suspension

Trey Travis, Sports Editor

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       Vontaze Burfict is arguably the NFL’s dirtiest player of all time.  Throughout his career, he has received 4 different suspensions and 11 different fines.  The total for those suspensions and fines is 22 games and $461.244. This past Sunday he was ejected from the game against the Colts after an illegal hit on Jack Doyle, a Colts tight end.  This resulted in the NFL evaluating the situation and seeing his resume of suspensions and fines and giving him a suspension lasting the rest of the 2019 season. The suspension could be reduced after the NFL evaluates the situation. This is a pretty big loss for the Raiders, the quarterback Derek Carr shared his feelings on the situation, “I know the historical situation and all that kind of stuff. But this one, especially with what went on during the week. If we’re going to be fair, we need to be fair with everybody. … If the people making the decision really knew the guy that we know, inside our building … he’s a great person, his heart is broken because he’s not playing football. The guy just wants to play football. We don’t get a lot of time to play this game in our lives.”  It’s good that he is backing up his teammate in this tough situation, but how good of a person that he is really doesn’t matter. He plays a very dirty game and the NFL has to do as much as they can in order to keep their players safe and that includes no hits after the play is over. In order for Burfict to have a future in the NFL, he must start playing smarter.