Hog Weekly 10/11


Ashton Butler, Sports

          The hogs are coming off a much-needed bye week after losing to San Diego State and Texas A&M. This week, the hogs will be focusing on the Kentucky Wildcats. This is a game the hogs can win as Kentucky is 2-3 and has been struggling just like the hogs. Kentucky also lost their starting quarterback at the beginning of the season so they’re not as good as they could be. Nick Starkel should be back this week since Chad Morris said there is no reason he shouldn’t be 100% by Saturday. The Razorbacks are 6.5 point underdogs in this game so people think this one will be close. If the Razorbacks can pull off a win, this could be a lot of momentum going into a hard SEC schedule as they play Auburn, Alabama, and the Mississippi State after this game. Then the Razorbacks get to play a nonconference team, Western Kentucky, then right after that they play LSU. This win against Kentucky could be very good for confidence for the Razorbacks. If the hogs pull out a win this season, it will be their first SEC win since 2017 when they kicked the game-winning field goal against Ole Miss. People are giving Arkansas a 19 percent chance to win this game. If they do win this game, it will be the first SEC win Chad Morris has had under the Arkansas Razorbacks which would be a really big accomplishment for him because it’s hard to win in the SEC. The game will start at 7:30 and will be played at Kroger Field in Lexington Kentucky which means that Kentucky will have the home field advantage so if Arkansas does win they will have a lot more momentum than Kentucky would have if they win. I believe this because it would be the first SEC win in 2 years for them, it would be the first SEC win for Chad Morris, and it would be a great road win.