The Jay Gruden Era is Over in Washington


Braden Tyer, Sports

        The Washington Redskins have started the 2019 season 0-5. The Redskins have been outscored this season 151-73. The defense has allowed opposing quarterbacks to complete an average of 75% of their passes this season. If this remains like this for the rest of the season it will be the highest completion percentage on a team in NFL history.  The team has had a record of 35-49-1 in the six seasons under their head coach Jay Gruden. The team has only made the playoffs once in that time span, and the team hasn’t started off the season 0-5 since 2001.

        The Redskins drafted quarterback Dwayne Haskins with the fifteenth pick in the NFL draft in April. Multiple reports have said that Daniel Snyder (Redskins general manager) forced Gruden to take pick Dwayne Haskins in the draft. Multiple reports have come out saying that Dwayne Haskins is not ready to play anytime soon for the Redskins because he is having trouble reading defenses and having a hard time getting the play call out in the huddle. As a quarterback, you have to be able to identify the opposing team’s defense. Haskins who was a one-year starter coming out of Ohio State, threw for 50 touchdowns last season. Gruden made it clear that Haskins wasn’t going to start for the team anytime soon. Whenever a team drafts a quarterback in the first round of the NFL, they usually play most of their rookie season. However, the quarterback is the most important position on the field, and you can’t just throw a guy out there who isn’t ready to play. In recent history, teams who force a rookie quarterback to play doesn’t usually end well on either side of it.

       What ended up getting Gruden fired was he and Daniel Snyder had different opinions of what they thought was best for the team. When the head coach and the owner disagree on what they think is better for the team, it’s bound to go only one way. The 0-5 Redskins go up against the 0-4 Dolphins this Sunday in Miami. So, one team is going to come out of this game with their first win of the season.