King of Sweden Strips Grandchildren of Their Royal Titles


Sidney Ruggiero, National and World News

       It was recently announced that the children of Princess Madeleine and Prince Carl Philip of Sweden were stripped of their royal titles. This decision was made by King Carl XVI Gustaf and the Swedish royal court. Princess Madeleine supports the decision made in regards to her daughter and son.   She believes that her children will now be able to live more private lives rather than being publicized at young ages.

       This decision has given the kids the opportunity to have a normal childhood. However, this  does not mean that their children won’t be referred to as “prince” and “princess.” It just means that their future children will not have rights to these titles. Typically, once one is part of a royal family the title is passed on to future generations and the path of the child’s life is already decided for them. Princess Madeleine claimed that the removal of the children’s royal status will allow their children to live their own lives and establish their own future, will be more beneficial for them in the long run.