Too Much Pumpkin Spice?


Ashtin Addison, Student Interest and Entertainment


As October kicks in cooling fall temperatures, it also brings in some delicious food you only eat once a year. Fall is known for its favored pumpkin spice flavoring. Pumpkin spice is a reminder of the most exciting part of the year. That is, sweater weather, hot tea in the morning, and changing leaves, but of course, there’s much more to it. Is there a line when pumpkin spice just becomes way too much?

Pumpkin spice is in everything this season, and I mean everything. It’s good, but I think it has gone way too far. There are many more flavors like apple, salty caramel, maple, and pear. When I go into stores all there is are pumpkin spice flavored food. I gotta ask, why these fall flavors don’t get credit too. The only way I can enjoy these other spices is making something from scratch. Have you ever heard of pumpkin spice Spam? Well, it exists since September 23rd. I don’t understand how you can mix pumpkin spice into old salty pork. Not only that but most of these foods don’t make sense. For example, protein powder, Pringles, even pumpkin spice fettuccini. 

I’ve mentioned the crazy food but there’s more. I’m sure everybody buys products pumpkin-spiced now and then. Glade pumpkin spice spray seems to fly off the shelf maybe chapstick flavored the same, but to add a pumpkin spice soap is pushing it. I don’t think I would ever want my skin smelling like pumpkin. Nor would I want to be taking my sister trick or treating as she’s wearing a ginormous pumpkin spice costume. Yah I’m sure those seem to fly off the shelves as well. People need to second guess what they’re creating because it’s not always gonna work. 

I don’t think you can just slap pumpkin spice on anything and call it good. If you have any respect for the art of seasonal food, limit it for foods that make sense like lattes, oatmeals, and cookies. Making money is good but I think we’ve gone far past the line drawn for this. For now, let’s start giving credit to these other fall flavors like apple and pear so people don’t start getting tired of pumpkin spice because I know I am.