Wolverine Weekly Weather


Amelia Delon, West and Local News

Wolverine Weekly Weather

This next week of October 21st through October 25 in Centerton, Arkansas is definitely going to be another step into fall with colder temperatures and changing leaves. We should be expecting rain the last few days of this week, along with the lowering temperatures.

October 21st: Sunny, the high is 70 degrees and the low is 49 degrees

October 22nd: Sunny, the high is 63 and the low is 45 degrees

October 23rd: Mostly sunny, the high is 70 and the low is 49 degrees

October 24th: Rainy, the high is 53 degrees and the low is 41 degrees

October 25th: Rainy, the high is 56 degrees and the low is 39 degrees

Be sure to keep an extra coat on you or come prepared for cold weather as we move into the fall season so you can stay warm out there!