Hog Weekly- Bama Week


Ashton Butler, Sports

Last weekend, the hogs played Auburn and lost 51-10 with Ben Hicks as the starting QB. The hogs are still having issues with the QB position as the coaches say that all options are open. The hogs played very poorly last weekend as they turned over the ball very early in the game which helped a good team in Auburn gain a bunch of momentum early. A lot of hogs fans are really mad because in the past 2 years Chad Morris has had 4 wins and has not had any success in SEC play. 

This weekend the hogs have an even harder task as they play Alabama. Alabama is currently a 32.5 point favorite. Tua is out for this game which should help Arkansas but Arkansas is in-consistent so who knows what will happen. Who Arkansas will be starting is a question mark. They need to find a starting quarterback fast because this will be their 8th game of the season and they still won’t know who the guy is at QB. The Arkansas offensive line also has a really hard task as they have to go against a very good defensive line. Most people don’t think that Arkansas has a chance which they don’t. Arkansas still needs to improve on a lot of things to even have a chance against Alabama.