Are Schools Too Restrictive?


Ashtin Addison, Student Interest and Entertainment

As a high schooler, this is the time in our lives where we learn to grow up and accept many different responsibilities. Most kids now have a job, they’re driving, and some are even moving out. So how do schools being to restricted help us grow up and prove to be trusted? I believe schools are way too restrictive from the web to the dress code, and even simply walking down the halls. 

School has changed and instead of writing all my notes down on paper, I am now with a laptop for most of my classes. This change calls for more restrictions. Yes, kids will do things that are wrong on their Chromebooks, but not all of them. To be honest I don’t recall knowing anybody who got in trouble for doing something wrong on their computers. With GoGuardian teachers are now able to watch and control the classes’ laptops from their desks. So why is there a need for so many websites to be blocked? I’m sure all the students feel very invaded; we have lost all the privileges we used to have. I agree that websites with inappropriate content should be blocked, but many other websites are being filtered out because of certain touchy subjects or even cursing. It’s the 21st century, we hear cursing everywhere and are old enough to be mature about it. I’m tired of struggling to find an article over a topic for an assignment because most of them are blocked. Not including the fact that it just wastes too much time searching for a website instead of finishing the assignment. I think that it’s time for the school to put some trust in us and get rid of most restrictions. GoGuardian should be enough to make sure students are not on websites they shouldn’t be.