JJ Watt’s Season is Over


Braden Tyer, Sports

The Houston Texans were able to pull off a come from behind win against the Oakland Raiders Sunday as they defeated the Raiders 27-24. However, after the game, the main attention was on Houston’s star defensive end, JJ Watt. Watt left the game in the second quarter after he made a tackle on Raiders running back Josh Jacobs. After the play, Watt was seen grimacing as he moved his left shoulder. Watt was seen later jogging to the locker room holding his left shoulder. Right after halftime, the Texans ruled out Watt for the remainder of the game. Later that evening Watt announced on Twitter that his season is over and gave the following statement. “This game can be beautiful and it can also be brutal. Absolutely gutted that I won’t be able to finish the season with my guys and give the fans what they deserve. I truly love this game and can’t stand letting you guys down. Thank you for all of the thoughts & well-wishes.” It was later announced that Watt had suffered a torn pectoral muscle. Your pectoral muscles are the muscles that connect the front of the chest with the bones of the upper arms and shoulders. This isn’t the first time Watt has suffered a serious injury. Since coming into the league Watt has dealt with numerous injuries including elbow dislocation, torn abdomen, broken hand, herniated back disc, broken fingers, Leg Tibial Plateau Fracture, and a knee strain that he later had to have surgery on. The three-time Defensive Player of the Year is one of the most loved players across the NFL. Watt gained publicity in 2017 when he raised over 37 million dollars to help rebuild Houston after Hurricane Harvey. To see a player of Watt’s caliber go down with another injury is just heartbreaking. The NFL world was shocked earlier this season when Andrew Luck surprisingly retired, but after you looked at his list of injuries you could understand why he retired. Fans are now wondering if Watt could possibly do the same when the season is over.