The Second Steel Curtain


Reid Dunivan, Sports

After just 8 weeks of football, the New England Patriots defense has only allowed 43 total points, which is the best defensive start to a season since the 1970 merger. Nobody can stop this defensive core and it’s quite entertaining to watch After their game against the Cleveland Browns giving not only Bill Belichick his 300th win but also gave the defense 3 consecutive plays in which they were able to force a turnover. This Patriot defensive core has become incredibly popular as they have secured multiple victories for New England. After forcing 19 interceptions, two of which were returned for a touchdown, in just 8 weeks of football the Patriots have shut down all of their opponents and made fools of their receiver cores. This defense has become a monster for their opponents to deal with, allowing no serious yardage multiple times in the same games. The defense is adaptive to the opponent’s scheme and can easily read what the next move could be. Which leaves the question of “interception or fumble?”