Wolverine Weekly Weather


Amelia Delon, West and Local News

Wolverine Weekly Weather

This week, October 28th through November 2nd is going to be cooling down into the low 50s and 40s with possible showers on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

October 28th: Cloudy, the high is 63 degrees, the low is 43 degrees

October 29th: Cloudy, the high is 43 degrees, the low is 39 degrees

October 30th: Cloudy, the high is 40 degrees, the low is 31 degrees

October 31st: Sunny, the high is 43 degrees, the low is 28 degrees

November 1st: Sunny, the high is 55 degrees, the low is 30 degrees

November 2nd: Sunny, the high is 50 degrees, the low is 30 degrees

Also, the annual time change is coming up this Sunday, November 3rd, which gives us an extra hour so don’t forget to move your clocks back. That extra hour of sunlight will mean the sun will already be out during zero hour, so rest up and prepare for a bright early morning class this next coming Monday!