LSU Week

Ashton Butler, Sports

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This weekend the hogs play the number one team in the country, LSU. They are big underdogs as LSU is favorited by 46 points. Some of this probably has something to do with Chad Morris being fired. Most hog fans don’t expect to win this game but they at least want to see the hogs fight and try to make it competitive as we did not see that during the Chad Morris era. The starting quarterback could pretty much be anyone but in the depth chart, it has John Stephen Jones or KJ Jefferson or Nick Starkel. Arkansas has nothing to lose in this game so they should just go out there and have fun. We might see some different playcalling since Barry Lunney Jr is taking over has the interim head coach. A lot of hog fans are excited to watch them play this weekend to see if they show more heart and if they try more. If they do they will be a completely new team. The record might not show it but that would be a step in the right direction.