Dangerous Floods in Somalia


Nicholas Millard, National and World News


After a deluge across  Somalia, many have found themselves without a home or trapped in flooded ones. This rainy season for the country S has been exceedingly more erratic. Earlier in the year, Somalia’s first rainy season was far drier than usual, causing famines across the country. It became so severe that the United Nations (UN) issued a plea for $710 million dollars. In fact, many of the rainy seasons since 2016 have been subpar at most. Now, the country has taken a complete turn, the second rainy season coming with an extreme amount of precipitation which has flash flooded most of the country.

The most recent floods affected around 547,000 people and over half had to leave their homes. Even with the destroyed roads, relief organizations managed to help over 100,000 people. However, some are still trapped in their homes and left without any aid

This crisis comes at a bad time for the country with much infighting between political groups, lack of basic health care, and sub par funding for plans and organizations to help the country out of it’s rough spot. Though, the SHF (Somalia Humanitarian Fund) has managed to upscale the operation with the $909 million dollars gathered for their humanitarian operation.

It is to be seen what will come of these humanitarian operations, but it can be said that these events are likely caused by climate change. Similar flooding has been seen in Venice, Italy. Those floods destroyed a number of important landmarks like Saint Mark’s Ballista and others.  It is unknown what place will be struck with flooding or other extreme weather conditions next.