“Mamba Mentality” Loss Felt by Coach Greg White


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Braden Tyer

The tragic death of Kobe Bryant leaves not only his family and friends with a gaping void, but also the fans across the globe that found inspiration in his handling of a basketball, his work ethic, and the “Mamba Mentality.” Bentonville West  Boys Basketball Coach Greg White sat down to discuss the lasting impact Kobe Bryant left on him.  

When White first heard the news of Bryant’s death, he said,  “At first I thought it was fake. I then called some friends at USA Basketball and Nike, and they confirmed that it was real.” 

White reminisced about watching Michael Jordan growing up and then seeing Kobe Bryant become not only a hero but a legend. White loved the “Mamba Mentality.” He said, “His toughness was unheard of; he dislocated his finger and had the trainer pop it back in place and continued playing. When he tore his Achilles he still got up and shot his two free throws to tie the game up.” Bryant’s toughness was just another thing that made fans and players respect his style of play. 

White mentioned that his favorite memory of Bryant was his final game. “His last game was what I remember the most. I got my kids up and watched his last game with them.”  

Bryant’s talent, toughness, work ethic, and mentality are what fans and players looked up to the most.