West Hoops Face BHS 1/31


Kaitlyn McMahan

Senior Dillon Bailey faces BHS at West on January 31st, 2019

Stuart Pawlik, Sports

As the BWHS varsity is warming up for their game against BHS, the fans on both sides go nuts over this exciting match between rivals. The teams sit in their chairs and the room goes dark, then a BWHS Basketball montage plays on the screens and the crowd goes wild. The players get their intros and they get ready for the tip-off.

Jonas Higgson and the player for BHS jump for the ball, Jonas manages to get the ball for BWHS and there off. As the teams go back and forth between points, the ref blows his whistle and makes a hand gesture for traveling against BWHS. The BWHS crowd goes crazy in anger and confusion because the BWHS player with the ball did not take 2 or more steps.

The game continues accordingly and then the exact same ref calls a foul against BWHS again and gives BHS 2 free throws. Coach White, the head coach, Looks at the ref with anger and rage and tells him that the foul against BWHS is bogus. BWHS gets the ball back and begins to secrete into BHS’s defense, but yet once again the same ref calls a foul against BWHS. As Coach White goes off on the ref about the foul, the ref gives BHS 2 free throws.

This pattern continues for the rest of the game and the point gap begins to widen up by 20 points or more. As the clock is about to hit zero BWHS throws the ball across the court and it ends up being an airball. BWHS losses all because of one ref who was more likely than not rigged.