The XFL- What Is It?


Stuart Pawlik, Sports

XFL is a brand new league of football for those who desire more entertainment for the sport. Which introduces more teams such as Vipers, Guardians, etc. The reason they created this new league for the sport is for this reason, “For the love of football, it’s as simple as that”. ABC, ESPN, and Fox Sports are the channels that will be showing these shows on national television. 

Why was it launched?

XFL was created for the sole reason to keep the football fans in their seats and root for the team they wish for. The website even states that their ticket prices are affordable and family-friendly, which makes going to the game live that much easier than going to an NFL game.

How are they changing the game of football?

One reason is the brand new teams that they have created. The names of these teams are Tampa Bay Vipers, New York Guardians, Seattle Dragons, Los Angeles Wildcats, Dallas Renegades, Houston Rednecks, St. Louis Battle Hawks, and Audi Field Defenders.