New Hampshire Democratic Primary Results


Kassidy Haggard, National and World News

The winner of the presidential primary in New Hampshire was Bernie Sanders followed by Pete Buttigieg (2nd) and Amy Klobuchar (3rd).

After winning and before both praising and criticizing some of the other candidates, Sanders said, “Let me say tonight that this victory here is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump.” He then went on to state that he and those involved in his campaign are now “taking of billionaires,” as well as “candidates funded by billionaires.” After his second win, it is looking up for Sanders as long as he maintains his momentum in the upcoming primaries.

Pete Buttigieg, who came in second, and was almost completely unknown around a year ago, congratulated Sanders on his win this past Tuesday and said, “I respect [Sanders] greatly to this day, and I congratulate him on his strong showing tonight.” The difference between Sanders’s first place win and Buttigieg’s second place was a small margin of 1.8% of votes, and Buttigieg hopes to close that margin, and even pass Sanders in the forthcoming primary elections. 

Amy Klobuchar’s third-place win is credited by many to her strong debate performance. She was not only able to get an edge on Elizabeth Warren, who was seen as the leading female in the election, but she was also able to win over almost 20% of the votes. This makes Kobuchar  “a serious candidate,” as stated by Howard Dean, who was previously the chair of the Democratic National Committee. Amy Klobuchar said to the entirety of America that “I’m Amy Klobuchar, and I will beat Donald Trump.” This is what many candidates are saying, but many people are beginning to believe Klobuchar. 

Elizabeth Warren, on the other hand, seemed like she was going to be a frontrunner in the election, but she now continues to fall further and further behind.  She spoke on Tuesday and claimed she was going to be the one to bring the party together. Many do not believe her and do not think she can beatTrump due to the popular belief that she is unlikeable.

Joe Biden came in at 5th place but flew to South Carolina before the polls in New Hampshire had closed.  After losing previous states such as Iowa and New Hampshire, it is very important that Biden win over South Carolina, and it is looking fairly good for him. Many in South Carolina claim he is still a front-runner in the election, but only the votes can truly tell if that is true or not.

This past year has been full of surprises for candidates and this past Tuesday only continues to prove that. None of these candidates are out of the running yet, and winning is within reach for any one of them. Only the votes can truly decide who’s going to come out on top.