NBA All-Star Break Almost Over


Ashton Butler, Sports

As the NBA all-star break is ending many teams are getting ready to start playing games again. It is a very close playoff race for the west and the east this year like nobody knows who the 8th seed might be in the west at the end of the season. On Thursday of this week, there will be 6 games played. Some of those games include the Rockets, Bucks, Warriors, and many more. Not only are teams fighting to get in the playoffs but teams are also fighting to keep there where they are right now in the playoffs or there trying to get to a higher seed. For example, the Lakers are the 1st seed in the West and they are fighting to keep that for the rest of the season so that they have more of an advantage in the playoffs. Another example is the Clippers, they are the 3rd seed in the west and they know that they could be higher with the team that they have so they are trying to at least move up to the 2nd seed in the west. The rest of this regular season should be very interesting.