Debate Incident

Kaelyn Woosley, West and Local News

Typically, “break a leg” is a saying that basically means good luck. Turns out, dislocating is quite the opposite.

Saturday, February 1st,  the Bentonville West High School Debate competed and had an awards ceremony. Lindsey Biggs a freshman at BWHS dislocated her leg on her way to unlock a room for her teacher, Ms. Rine. She got the key and was on her way running when all of a sudden, she fell to the ground. Tayo, a classmate of hers walking in the hall. So, she cried out to her because she was the closest person to her. Lindsey realized that there were a lot more people than she had thought who saw what happened. All of those who saw rushed over to her, including the teacher. Ms. Rine got her sister, Hannah who was doing concessions at the time. Lindsey claimed to feel very “loopy” due to her adrenaline and recalled laughing rather than crying and/or screaming. The others finally got her sister along with teachers/staff who were involved with medical things. They also called her dad to come. He arrived at the school and brought her braces from the previous incident she had had in the 8th grade. She was on her side and they tried to put her knee back into place but even though they thought they did, she knew that they did not. 

She was laying on her side with her leg over a jacket so it wouldn’t be directly on the ground. Her dad called the paramedics as well as her mom because her mom arrived not too long after her dad did. Her leg started twitching which was when she started feeling pain. They wrapped a pillow around her leg. When the paramedics got there, they put her on a gurney, rolled her to the elevator to go down to the first story and took her out to the ambulance. The people inside of the ambulance started asking a bunch of questions such as what was the address of her house, is she aware of what happened and so on. 

They took her to the Rogers Mercy Hospital. They put medicine in her but it didn’t work. When they got to the hospital, they took her up to a room and moved her from the sheet on the gurney to the bed. All of the paramedics around her started to leave except one. She had recognized his name and he did hers. He asked her if she used to go to Adventure Club as a kid and she said yes. That was then they started to connect the dots. He was one of her teachers in the Adventure Club. She found this very interesting because of the fact that he was once her staff in Adventure Club and was now assisting her years later. “The interesting thing about the paramedic that stayed behind  was actually an old Adventure Club teacher of mine.” He was the one who talked to her the most along with asking questions for the doctors. 

Afterward, they tried to put her on a new medicine. At this point, she was getting exhausted from all the attempts of putting her on different medicines and nothing changing. She was connected to a bunch of wires. Then, the medicine started to successfully kick in. Everything started to turn into a “blur”. All of the voices and noises started to become distant like echoes, almost as if they were in a different room. At this point, she was losing sense of time. The doctors popped her leg back into place. 

This was not the first time she had dislocated her knee. She had previously dislocated the same knee the first time in the 8th grade shortly after winter break. She was rehearsing for a musical and was spinning at the time, as she was spinning then slipped and fell. The fall caused her to dislocate her knee. So this not being her first time, to her it wasn’t exactly a rare thing especially having “naturally bad knees”. Her dad wanted to get some x-rays since this wasn’t the first time so he could see if there was something wrong. When they got the x-rays, the good thing was that they found that there was nothing wrong. Fortunately, her dad had crutches from before, that way she could have those to use. After everything, she was taken to her car with a wheelchair. She was fine from that point on, just in some pain but got to return to school within 3 days.