Bloomberg 2020


Kassidy Haggard, National and World News

Recently, Mike Bloomberg, a 78-year-old politician, has had a recent surge in the upcoming election. There are some who believe this uprising is due to advertisements the billionaire has spent huge sums of money on, or if it isn’t because Bloomberg is the candidate who can beat Donald Trump. 

While some do say Bloomberg is going to be the next President of the United States, others are doubtful. But their doubt is not only coming from the question of whether his money is what is helping him in the upcoming election, but it’s also coming from some misogynistic statements said by Bloomberg being brought to attention. Among these allegations were Bloomberg regularly sexualizing the women in his office and making inappropriate statements towards other female employees.

However, these allegations were challenged when it was brought to attention that throughout his career as both a politician and business owner, Bloomberg has often appointed women to roles of power. Moreover, Patricia Harris, a campaign chairwoman noted, “[Bloomberg] has never tolerated any kind of discrimination or harassment” and that the politician is “all about equality and inclusion”.

From 2002 to 2013, Bloomberg was the mayor of New York City (the role has since been filled by Bill de Blasio). In addition to being a politician, Bloomberg is the majority owner as well as the CEO of Bloomberg L.P. (a data and software company) and is also an author.

It is safe to say that Bloomberg has both money and connections. Some politicians think “it’s a shame Mike Bloomberg can buy his way into the debate” as Elizabeth Warren said in a tweet. She also went on to say “but at least now primary voters can get a live demonstration of how we each take on an egomaniac billionaire”. 

Warren is referring to this past Wednesday when Bloomberg took the stage for the first time this year for the 2020 debates. However, despite Warren’s statement, Bloomberg did qualify for the debate, along with five others. 

Many of those five other candidates (among which was Elizabeth Warren)  attempted to flame Bloomberg, all focusing on the money Bloomberg has at his disposal. And not all of it is completely unfair, as Bloomberg has been able to spend millions of dollars in advertisements, which ultimately led to his place in the debate. Hence Warren’s “it’s a shame Mike Bloomberg can buy his way into the debate” tweet.

Bloomberg was prepared to attempt to take the heat off himself and chose to focus on Bernie Sanders, as many of the other candidates are sure to do as well. As of late candidates are choosing to focus on “Medicare for All” when debating with Sanders, and it should be no surprise to him on Wednesday if they continue to bring it up. 

Many do believe Bloomberg should be in the debate, and others, such as his fellow candidates, believe the only reason he is taking the stage is because of the money in his bank account. No matter which side you sit on, the debate this upcoming Wednesday will make or break whether Bloomberg is a serious contender in the election, or if he isn’t just a man with a lot of money.