Zion vs.Lebron


Ashton Butler, Sports

 Last night the Pelicans and Lakers faced off against each other with the Lakers winning 118-109 and LeBron also dropped 40 points in this game. Zion dropped 29 points in this game. Many people were excited to see this game because of the comparisons that Zion and LeBron drew before Zion had even come into the league. Brandon Ingram also had a good game though as he dropped 34 points. His 34 and Zions 29 just were not enough to win. Anthony Davis also had an incredible game as he had 21 points with 14 rebounds. With Zion dropping 29 in a big game and it being televised should be a good sign for pelicans fans considering he is only 19 years old. With Zion coming back many people believe that they might be able to catch up to the Grizzlies and take the 8th seed from them and sneak their way into the playoffs. At the same time though they are still a couple of games behind and the season is gonna be ending very soon so we will see what happens in the near future.