Italy’s Coronavirus Outbreak


Kassidy Haggard, National and World News

Several cases of the coronavirus have been reported throughout the European Union in countries such as France, Spain, Greece, and Austria, among others. A majority of the outbreaks were reported in northern Italy around Milan. At least 325 people have already been infected, and the Italian government is having trouble containing the virus’s outbreak. 

The coronavirus is part of a larger family of viruses, some of which are nothing more than the common cold, and others can even cause serious respiratory problems such as pneumonia and severe acute respiratory syndrome. These viruses are most often spread between humans and animals commonly referred to as zoonotic. Coronavirus can lead to kidney failure and eventually death.

In Italy upwards of 50,000 people–only about 0.1 percent of Italy’s population is being affected, as has been stressed by the Italian governmentare living in lockdown, and paramedics dress in protective suits that cover their entire body, adorning both masks and gloves to keep them safe from the virus.

If someone were to attempt to breach the quarantine zone, more commonly referred to as the “red zone”, they would be faced with expensive fines and possible jail time. Ensuring the red zone is secure is police officers and members of the army. 

The Italian government has implemented restrictions meant to keep crowds at a minimum, as large gatherings can spread the virus. A limit has been placed on the number of people who can be in supermarkets and pharmacies at one time. In addition to this, schools have been closed. However, teachers are still able to assign their students homework to ensure they are still learning. 

Many people have been in a panic since the government started putting up roadblocks, but as time has gone on, many people have calmed down. Some are even enjoying the quarantine, as it is a mandatory break from work for those who cannot work from home, such as hairdressers and dentists. Despite this, some were trying to bypass the roadblocks, but many have now settled down and are staying in quarantine zones. 

The towns under quarantine have been so for almost a week, and the longer they are under lockdown, the more tension is building. No one is really sure what is going on and many of those who have tested negative for the virus cannot be completely happy about the result due to the growing tension. 

The Italian government is taking care to keep its citizens safe and to help those who have been infected with the virus. It is everyone’s hope that as time goes on things will get better, and eventually, people will get to go back to their normal lives, and thoughts of the virus will be in the past.