West Boys Basketball


Junior, Dalton McDonald

Stuart Pawlik, Sports

This week, Your Bentonville West Wolverine Varsity faced off against the Van Buren Pointers. As the crowd begins to spill into the Wolverine Arena, West goes over there game plans to possibly stop Van Buren from getting too far ahead and how to counter there inside shooters. Once Varsity girls leave the court, West and Van Buren begin their lay-up lines and the crowd starts to cheer their team on.

After the announcer introduces the players, the teams move onto the court and prepare themselves for the tip-off. The ref blows his whistle, and the centers jump for the ball and West gets possession. As Van Buren starts their defense, West starts off offensively and begins to pass the ball. West attempts to shoot a three-pointer and misses, Van Buren gets possession and charges towards West’s side of the court.

Van Buren shoots a three-pointer and it goes in almost perfectly. As the game continues, Van Buren seems to widen the gap even further until the end of the 2nd quarter. While there less than a minute left in the 2nd quarter, West manages to close the gap by two points, but they are still behind by too little. The buzzer goes off for halftime and West has not lost all hope in this game, they are prepared and ready to serve up some revenge once the 3rd quarter begins.

Once the third quarter begins, West hits Van Buren like a bullet, starting the first few seconds of the quarter with a 3-pointer. As time goes by, the refs begin to intervene against West a bit much for comfort. After the 3rd quarter ended, Coach White looked furious, glaring at the refs.

After the coaches speak to their team, West and Van Buren head back onto the court. The ref blows his whistle and the game continues with a foul against West. Van Buren gets zero points out of the foul and West continues there onslaught of lay-ups and 3-pointers. West takes the lead and before the buzzer goes off, Van Buren launches the ball at the opposing team’s rim and misses. Your West Wolverines have finally avenged their loss against Van Buren. West sprint towards their fans and celebrate a little. Van Buren goes home defeated and Bentonville West Gets to go to state.