Campaign Suspended Over Drug Overdose

After years of sobriety, the army veteran and candidate for the first Arizona congressional house seat, Chris Taylor, suspended his own campaign after relapsing back into drug addiction and overdosing.

Taylor, a veteran of the USA’s campaign in Afghanistan, had been struggling with his post-traumatic stress disorder after returning home. He tried to seek aid from the VA but as he said, he “fell victim to a government that forgot its promises. I began misusing prescriptions and developed an opioid addiction.” Though with the massive abiltors on his back he managed to recover, also stating that, “It was a long road to recovery.”

He later went on to create the Desert Eagle Addiction Recovery, a non-profit that is meant to help veterans like himself quit any addictions they might have picked up due to their PTSD or other ailments.

Though this Monday a statement came out from Taylor and his campaign, claim that he had relapsed, and was dropping out of them to seek help. “I have to figure out where I went wrong. Thankfully I have every resource available to me through the Veterans Affairs Administration and I have the strongest support system one could dream of.” He also added, “The only thing I can do is face this head-on in complete humility and put one foot in front of the other so that I can get the help needed to be the father and husband that my family deserves,”

It’s to be seen if Taylor will restart his campaign anytime soon, or try to run again in future as he’s given no comment on those prospects.