Curry is Coming Back This Month


Ashton Butler, Sports

This month Steph Curry is coming back to play for the Warriors. The last time Curry played in a game was in October as he got injured with a broken hand. The Warriors are the worst team in the league right now after making the finals last year because of all their injuries. Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson all are hurt right now but Curry comes back this month. The Warriors were gonna play him March 1st but they said that he still needs some time to practice with the team and just settle in a little bit more. Before getting injured he was averaging 20 points a game so he should be a big help for the Warriors for the last couple months of the season. A couple of days ago there was a video of Steph Curry shooting shots from the Warriors logo and he was making like all of them so we will see how that translates into a real game after the injury. Even with Steph Curry though most people still think that there is not gonna be a very great team considering all the injuries and other things like that. The Warriors are not trying to win every game either because they want that 1st pick in the draft because with Klay. Steph and Draymond next season the first pick would really help especially if they pick up a big man. We’re gonna see how curry does for the rest of the season.