Coronavirus Outbreak in Washington State


Kassidy Haggard, National and World News

In Washington State, the death toll due to the coronavirus has risen to 9, which is also the total number of deaths caused by the virus in the United States as a whole. Seattle is now in a state of emergency, as enacted by its mayor.

The economic impact that comes with the issuing of a civil emergency could be catastrophic for the state of Washington. This can be clearly seen in Seattle, which is a popular city for tourists and whose economy relies on the foot traffic and spending those tourists provide. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, Seattle has seen a large decline in those visiting the city. 

Venders of the Pike Place Market, who are normally very busy and full of energy, instead sit and busy themselves with reading a book or looking through their phone. The market is extremely empty, and some have even commented that Seattle now looks “like a ghost town.” 

Even residents are changing their plans and habits. People skip their daily activities, such as going for an afternoon run or taking the bus to school or work. Everyone is trying to isolate themselves and make sure they are not around more people than they need to be. 

It has been said that the coronavirus is spreading through large groups of people. Everyone is trying to stay out of public places where many–or even a small number–of people could gather. 

More than just affecting the general public, the coronavirus also stopped a men’s basketball game that was scheduled for Thursday. The team from Chicago State University did not want to take chances of infecting people back home on their campus. The women’s team also had to cancel their planned games due to this same fear. 

Stores in Seattle are running low in supply of sanitary products such as masks, hand sanitizer, and in some cases, even latex gloves.

Throughout the United States, there are 231 people who have been put under quarantine throughout the country as of now. Washington itself has 27 confirmed cases of the virus.

Parents should be put at ease (for their kids at least), as the virus does not seem to infect children in such high numbers. However, those around 60 and older should remember to wash their hands and make sure to do what they can to keep the virus from infecting them.

Not far from Seattle, a nursing home was hit by the coronavirus. As the residents of the nursing home are fighting age, their immune systems are not as high as a child’s would be. This makes them more susceptible to the virus and coupled with the close living conditions, the risk of being infected is much higher, as is the risk of these elderly citizens facing complications if they get sick. 

 288 people are currently being monitored for symptoms of the virus. Out of the 180 members of staff and 108 elderly residents, upwards of 50 were showing symptoms and may be infected by the coronavirus. Visits from family and friends have been halted in attempts to keep the possible outbreak contained.

There is no doubt that Seattle is being hit hardest from the virus and several high schools have been closed due to a possible outbreak. As the cases of the coronavirus increase, the United States is trying to keep a reign on the virus, but it is proving to be more difficult than at first. As of now, all anyone can do is make sure to wash their hands and try and avoid busy, crowded places if possible.