Death Rises in wake of Tornado through Tennessee


Nicholas Millard, National and World News

Through the early hours this Tuesday, a deadly tornado swept through multiple counties in Tennessee, devastating land and killing currently 22, though more have yet to be found.

The counties that were hit were Wilson, Putnam, Benton, and Davidson, where the city of Nashville is located. The city sustained the most in its downtown and southern areas, while other countries were hit just as hard. The damage was so great that the Governor was forced to call a state of emergency. As it currently stands, 45 buildings collapsed due to the immense damages and some buildings have six inches of standing water in them.

President Trump later responded, saying that, “I want to send my warm wishes to the great people of Tennessee in the wake of the horrible, very vicious tornado that killed at least 19 people and injured many more.” He also added, “We’re working with the leaders in Tennessee, including their great Governor Bill Lee to make sure that everything is done properly. FEMA is already on the ground and I’ll be going there on Friday.”

This all comes in the wake of Super Tuesday, which is seen as one of the most important votes in all of the primaries. For many, this is the deciding factor in who will be nominated as the ones running for the president. Though officials in the counties affected worked diligently to clear the way for voting, ballet offices in Nashville were claimed to be closed an hour later than normal.