Curry’s First Game Back


Ashton Butler, Sports

On Thursday night curry made his return after breaking his hand towards the end of October last year so he only had gotten to play 4 games before breaking his hand. Now it is 5 as he played on Thursday. He missed the game on Saturday due to being sick though. Stephen Curry was on a minute restriction as he only played 27 minutes in this game. In those 27 minutes, he did score 23 points with 7 rebounds and 7 assists. In this game, the energy felt different. Everyone was happy Curry was back and you could feel that even if you were just watching the game on TV. Unfortunately, the Warriors did not win this game as the score was 121-113. That was a good game for the Warriors against a very good team though. Warriors had the chance to win this game but missed a wide-open 3 and some free throws at the end of the game. Curry should play tomorrow night against the Clippers again so we will see how he does against one of the best teams in the league