Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Kassidy Haggard, National and World News

Almost every country battling with the coronavirus has seen an increase in daily cases, and many are worried the death tolls are going to increase as well. 

In South Korea, there have been 242 confirmed cases, which increases South Korea’s total to 7,755, and over 200,000 people have been screened for signs of the virus. In Japan 54 new cases have been confirmed, and in China, there have been 24.

The United States has had various states declare a state of emergency, and the national total has reached more than 1,000. Employees who are able to have been allowed to work from home, and universities in infected places are ending their semester or have been conducting classes online so students do not have to go on campus.

People have been buying large amounts of hand sanitizer and face masks, which was seen in Asian countries when the outbreak first started.

Italy has been in total lockdown and has remained so. More than 168 people have died within 24 hours since this past Tuesday, which increases the national death total to 631, and the national total of people infected to 10,149. Italy’s citizens are not permitted to travel without permission. 

All schools in Italy are shut and places that are typically busy are empty because people are supposed to stay home. In addition, public places are closed and people are not allowed to gather in large groups for fear of spreading the virus.   

Italy’s neighboring countries have also seen a large increase in the cases seen daily. Among which is France and Germany. 

China has been beginning to take steps to help daily life to go back to normal. The steps include the beginning of some forms of public transportation and allowing businesses to resume online.

Meanwhile in Japan, increased cases lately have many people questioning if there will be an outbreak like those in China and South Korea. There have been 1,264 cases confirmed in Japan, and 19 people have died. Much like in Italy, if Japan suffers a huge outbreak, its healthcare system could be severely affected. Despite the increase in outbreaks, it has been said the 2020 Olympics are going to continue as planned, though many have called to cancel the Games.

Countries have been doing what they can to keep their citizens safe, but with the increase in cases, people are getting restless and getting nervus. However, as seen in China, things are beginning to get slightly better.