Stock Market Grows Brittle


Nicholas Millard, National and World News

After coronavirus scares, investor scares, and presidential promises to help bolster the economy, the Stock Market hits record levels of instability dropping and rising like the ebb and flow of the tides.

With the numbers of cases rising in the US for coronavirus and the lackadaisical response from the US government, many US citizens are worried about the potential havoc the virus may potentially reek. This includes investors, this fear is felt in the massive free fall the Stock Market took this past week. Dropping to degrees last seen in the recession of 2008. Other countries are being hit hard, some falling into either a or near a bear market. A bear market is a market that is on the fall, facilitating selling. For a good healthy market, there needs to be a competent amount of both, though far more buying.

As this fluctuation has grown, it’s drawn the eyes of the government; mainly the eyes of Donald Trump. He went on Monday afternoon claiming that he would create a payroll tax cut with the help of congress. He also added that he was considering using FEMA to deliver funds to stimulate the economy. Though this action completely circumnavigates congress.

It’s too be seen if anything can be done at this point to cull the fears of the many, though there is much that can be done to spread the virus-like washing hands constantly and keeping hands away from people’s faces.