West’s New Stadium

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High school varsity football games are about bringing the school together and cheering your school representatives on. For the first two years, Bentonville West High School had to host their games at Bentonville High School’s stadium. While a stadium was built in 2016 to accommodate the games, there weren’t enough seats to go around. The stadium had a single set of bleachers that could hardly hold 200 people, let alone 4,000.

The Bentonville Board members agreed that the high school was in need of funding to renovate the stadium, so they put $1.8 million dollars towards the project. The money would be paid back by sponsorships over a 10-15 year period. Another $1.9 million went into the stadium from the selling of district property. Overall, the new stadium cost a grand $3.7 million.

The price was worth it. The BWHS football team and fans will benefit greatly from the project. Bentonville West went 9-2 in their 2017 season, their two losses coming from home games at the Bentonville High School stadium. Having a home stadium that they can call their own is important to the team, as well as the fans. More people will be able to come to games, especially since they no longer have to drive across town to another high school’s stadium. Although Bentonville West lost their first home game against Southside (31-44), the new stadium will help lead the Wolverines to future victories.