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Testing Day: October 10th

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Wednesday, October 10th, will be a testing day for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. All sophomores will be taking the PSAT (Preliminary ACT), as well juniors that have signed up. All freshmen and other juniors will be taking a mock ACT. Seniors, however, will be off campus-job shadowing, visiting a college, or doing community service. Forms will be available in the Student Life Center to be filled out and brought back after October 10th in order to have an excused absence. All seniors must also fill out the Google Link in the Student Announcements.

All testing students should report to their testing rooms by 8:45. There will be no zero hour classes. Testing will run from 1st period to 5th period, so any students with a 7th hour must report to their classes after testing and lunches. Freshmen have first lunch, juniors have second, and sophomores have third. It is mandatory that every student bring their Chromebooks to the test.

Good luck!

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Testing Day: October 10th