Carrying Backpacks or Utilizing Lockers?

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As of recently, backpacks are shown to be carried around rather than utilizing lockers. In some schools, backpacks may be changed into something else as students reach higher grades. However, there’s concern for students that carry backpacks around. They may be hurting their backs, arms, and slows them down. Additionally, backpacks make the school halls more crowded, even if they don’t have any much stuffed inside.

When I was in junior high school, I was only introduced to lockers and recommended to put my stuff in them, or else it may end up in the lost and found. You weren’t able to bring your backpack to school: you could only bring your specific supplies for whatever your next class was. Now in high school, lockers are optional because high schools are huge and the school board decided that it would greatly benefit students.

Backpacks are placed on tables during lunch in order to claim them for groups of students, which overall crowds the cafeteria and limits seating in the chaos. I suggest putting backpacks on the floor or leaving them in the classroom if possible.

Although Bentonville West has lockers, they are rarely used at all, so a small portion of students still own a locker and put their stuff in there. This can cause problems such as getting to class late, not having enough room to put things in, or forgetting the locker combination to access it. However, it does keep things organized by managing supplies to where you have what you need for each class. You can then get your materials from it for your next class and repeat. Although lockers become available in high school, other grade levels have systems that are similar. There are cubbies available in Kindergarten to put your backpacks in, rather than keeping all supplies with the students. Other countries also have different systems for organizing school supplies. In Japan, students carry a special supply case that prevents things from becoming too bulky. Additionally, kindergarteners need to have a “special kind of backpack” that is removed before going into higher levels of school.

I believe you should carry your backpack only if your school is smaller. Putting your supplies in a locker is a bit simple, but if the school is big and roomy, it may benefit students in the long run. A locker is optional, but in my perspective, putting backpacks in lockers should be more relevant to the school environment.