Arkansas Midterm Election Results

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Arkansas Midterm Election Results

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Asa Hutchinson(REP) won reelection with 52,673 votes

Jared Henderson(DEM) had 21,820 votes

District 3 Congressman:

Steve Womack(REP) won reelection with 50,977 votes with

Josh Mahoney(DEM) had 23,294 votes

Micheal Kaliagis(LIB) had 2,126 votes.

State Treasurer:

Dennis Milligan(REP) won reelection with 54,707 votes

Ashley Ewald(LIB) had 19,800 votes

Auditor of State:

Andrea Lea(REP) won Reelection with 55,841 votes

David Dinwiddie(LIB) had 18,364 votes

Lieutenant Governor:

Tim Griffin(REP) won reelection with 50,883 votes

Anthony Bland(DEM) had 23,009 votes

Frank Gilbert(LIB) had 2,200 votes

Attorney General:

Leslie Rutledge(REP) won reelection with 49,867 votes

Mike Lee(DEM) had 23,597 votes

Kerry Hicks(LIB) had 2,701 votes

Secretary of State:

John Thurston(REP) won the election with 48,945 votes

Susan Inman(DEM) had 24,427 votes

Christopher Olsen(LIB) had 2,534 votes

State Rep. for district 93:

Jim Dotson(REP) won Reelection with 6,639 votes

Gayatri Jane Agnew(DEM) had 4,804 votes

Mayor of Bentonville:

Jim Webb won the election with 5,595 votes

Stephanie Orman had 5,193 votes

John A. Skaggs had 1,777 votes

Mayor of Centerton:

Bill Edwards won reelection with 3,117 votes

Issue No. 2

The amendment will require photo ID for voters in the future

The amendment passed with 662,150 votes for it, while only 172,046 votes were against it

Issue No. 4

To allow one casino in Crittenden, Garland, Pope, and Jefferson Counties. Also legalizing Gambling as a whole in the state.

The amendment passed with 450,335 votes for it, while only 382,611 against it

Issue No. 5

To increase the minimum wage from $8.50 per hour to $11 per hour by the year 2021

The amendment passed with 579,078 votes for it, while only 267,764 votes against it